By Betty Rizzotti

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Photographer  Jerry Hull captured these adorable images of this female Red Fox known as “Chloe” playing, stretching and sleeping in the snow. 


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Right there with ya Korra

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my bf told me a story about how when he was in the 7th grade he was really sick and almost died and had to stay in bed and no one came to see him on his birthday but his world of warcraft friends threw him a virtual party and if that doesnt warm your heart then idk what will

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someone: let's be friends!!!
me: yes okay i like that idea!!!
we never speak again
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 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky | Crystal Cave
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They look so peaceful when they’re sleeping. 

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Adults complaining about the younger generation are really just saying their generation did a shitty job raising their kids.

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did I reach shsl masochist yet—-

another drawing (rather a doodle) of a scene from strangestquiet’s fanfics. ahh they’re too beautifully cruel…

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I was so sleep deprived the other day that I tried to zoom in on a paper

wtf I just made that post

oh wait that is my post

I havent slept in 2 days

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